Right now

Watching CTV Winnipeg news.

Packing Nothing. I’m not going anywhere for a while.

Paying attention My attention is everywhere right now… TV, washing machine, this blog.

Listening To the news.

Cooking I didn’t cook anything today. My dad did. He made amazing pulled pork for dinner tonight.

Celebrating A good day of work with a cold glass of chocolate milk and my feet up on the sofa.

Waiting For my car to be finished at the body shop. It has a boo-boo and is getting fixed. I love the rental (SUV) but I really miss my car.

Savouring A nice cold glass of chocolate milk. I’ve been on a kick lately, but can’t drink too much!

Planning Budgeting is my planning as of late. But I’m also trying to plan what I’m doing for the 30th. I have no idea.

Working At various schools. I’m so happy to be back doing what I love!

Loving The sense of peace I am feeling as of late. With my financial and work situation being kind of chaotic, I’ve got this strange feeling of peace and I’m really loving it.

Reading The Paris Wife. I’m still reading it. I told you, reading takes forever.

Bundling Up my wardrobe. While it might not seem like it right now (it’s currently +17C and the temps will climb to +25 by the weekend), in the morning I’m bundling up. Finally was able to wear the cozy knit like sweater I purchase while in Grand Forks.

This “Right Now” prompt was courtesy of Ali Edwards.


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