Easy iced coffee

If you’re like me you cannot get enough of iced coffee, especially during the summer months. But there are days during the fall and winter months where I need the combination of ice cold milk and smooth brewed coffee chilled over ice. They can be delicious and costly at the same time. Depending on where you go iced coffee can set you back anywhere between $3-6 for your sweet cool treat. Add that up if you must have one every day and well… expensive.

I’ve become accustom to making my beloved iced coffees at home and with my Keurig, it’s become even more simpler. You can make them without a Keurig as well. Iced first, milk, then coffee. I watch the barista’s at Starbucks like a hawk, trying to perfect my own beverage. I even purchase the bottles of sugar free syrup (for $9), it’s a good price and it can last a long time.

There is one downside to iced coffees – the ice. The ice melts and your beverage becomes watered down. Bleh. I like iced coffee, not iced coffee melted ice.

I’ve found an easier way – FREEZE THE COFFEE!

Holy smokes, it’s a revelation folks!

Step 1: Brew your favourite coffee into a Pyrex Measuring cup. (Over Ice for Keurig works too!)
If you’re using your Keurig the large and medium cup setting (16oz) total

Step 2: Pour into ice cube tray and freeze over night.

Step 3: Once completely frozen, add 3-4 cubes and pour in choice of milk and syrup.

When you freeze the coffee and it melts in the beverage, you won’t get the melted ice and the subsequent taste. And an additional bonus, iced coffee cubes take longer to melt versus water ice cubes.

So there you have it. Super easy and when you make a ton of coffee cubes you can make a ton of iced coffees. Make sure it’s in an air tight container when you place it in the freezer (after the cubes are frozen) to prevent freezer burn.


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