Weekly Photos

I am a fan of Joy the Baker and Tracy of the Joy the Baker podcast. Have you listened to them? Hi-larious. I follow their blogs daily and one of the features on Tracy’s blog is a weekly post of photos she snaps every day. And they’re beautiful. It’s amazing how one photo a day can paint a description of it. I was inspired to do the same, so here are my photos of the past week. It was maj fun.

There was Halloween crafting going on with a little cutie.

The view of my city from up above is amazing

Hot chocolate is necessary on cold days.

My daily dose of being chiefly British. My favorite “Are You Being Served” episode.

Laundry must be washed.

Library books need to be returned. Yes, I still read library books.

And cinnamon buns must be baked.

What did you do last week?


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