On Saturday my lovely little city experienced its first snowfall of the 2012-2013 winter season. We were warned it would whollop the city and to prepare for a massive snowfall that could potentially leave 30cm (almost a foot) of snow on our doorsteps. Well, it was to start Friday evening but it was not that eventful… it didn’t start until 3am, while the brunt of the storm happened around dinner time Saturday evening.

Throughout the day on Saturday I shoveled every so often… who wants to shovel an entire foot of snow. We’re smart us Winnipeggers, no one shovels an entire foot of snow unless you have a snowplow or snowblower. I shoveled about three times and then decided to quit for the evening. I needed hot chocolate and to relax.

Then I woke up Sunday morning to this….

The driveway was even more of a challenge. I pulled out the lawn chair so I could take a break, which wasn’t all that bad, it wasn’t that cold and the garage sheltered me from the wind. The driveway is half done… the rest can wait, I’m not going to injure (that time I broke my arm shoveling) or kill myself because I over did it.

Although the snow wasn’t all that bad. I had a Roswell marathon Saturday afternoon, drank lots of hot chocolate, stayed cozy warm under a blanket and watched the big flakes coming down. It also had me planning for Christmas – decorations, gifts, cards, DIYs.

Tis the season.


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