That time I went to IKEA


On November 26 I was given the opportunity to attend the Media Night party at our brand spanking new IKEA that would be opening on my  birthday. I was super excited since I would be in the new IKEA before the general public and I was allowed to shop after the gathering ended.

How awesome is that? I mean…. Happy 30th to me!


The night started off with a lovely gathering in the massive (and largest in North America) restaurant on the second floor for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails (water please, I’m driving) and to schmooze with other media like. IKEA Winnipeg manager Stephen Bobko addressed the crowd around 6:30 and we were let loose in the brand new store. I love the smell of a brand new store with brand new unopened items in it.


I was pretty amazed with this place. While I’ve only been to one location in North America (Minneapolis), I was very pleased with how ours turned out. I appreciate how they have an entire floor dedicated to displays that would allow you to visual a specific room in your house (I so want to reno my kitchen).

The layout in Winnipeg is pretty much like the layout in the Twin Cities (I’ve never been to the one in Edmonton or elsewhere in Canada… can anyone confirm the layouts are pretty much the same?). I know exactly where everything is and that makes me happy. When I go to IKEA, I’m there with a list. I look in the catalogue to see what I want to purchase, write it down and when I go in I’m all business. You should have seen me Friday evening… I made it through the store is half-an-hour. World Record.

I pretty much purchase things to spruce up my bedroom and also buy little kitchen knickknacks. At media night I purchased a blanket, beer glasses, meatballs (duh), apple slicer, and I can’t remember what else. I was just too excited about being there.

Then I went back this past Friday evening after work. It wasn’t too bad and not at all busy (or at least I didn’t think it was). I found a parking spot relatively close to the front door (more like the exit door), I found the things I wanted (minus a Christmas table runner and Christmas charger plates) and was out all in half-an-hour. There weren’t huge lines at the registers like I expected. The place is so huge (395,671 sq.ft) that even if the parking lot seems full, the store doesn’t seem that busy. I suggest going right after work and avoiding the place on the weekends for a while (perhaps until January).

IKEA is now in Winnipeg and I am happy. Especially since I can have all the meatballs! P.S. Our location sold out of meatballs in one week. Damn. So glad I purchased three bags Friday night!


Click the image below to view the photos



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