Year in Review Part Deux



July was an awesome month. It was the last month of my term in the Board Office, our parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and at the end of the month the sister and I headed southeast to Minneapolis for five days of a girls getaway.

My sister was a little nervous. It was her first time being this far from home but I assured her everything would go alright. And it did. The trip there was super long because of construction and an hour-long detour to get to the hotel, but once we arrive it was time for us to relax and have fun. Mall of America, Como Zoo, Bubba Gump, Rainforest Cafe… it was so much fun. We’re looking forward to our trip next year and we’re hoping we can stay for a week. On our last day our family from Nebraska met up with us at Mall of America on their way back home from vacation and it was really nice.


Our cousins came in to Winnipeg for a week and we spent a day with them at the go-karts track, followed by lunch at their grandma’s house. We love when we get to spent time with them so having an entire day to do something fun with them we absolutely loved.



I spent most of August relaxing as I didn’t have to work. I spent it with friends, family and doing whatever the heck I wanted. I had limited funds but that didn’t stop me from doing stuff. I spent most of it in my backyard soaking up the sun and barbecuing a lot. I grabbed a lawn chair, sunscreen, at hat and a book and enjoyed the lovely Manitoba summers we are graced with.

I did go back to work for a few days but I quickly became very unhappy. I was no longer having fun working in administration offices and wanted to desperately to return to schools. The assignment was cancelled and I was free to enjoy the remainder of August.



September I returned to working in the schools, something that I love. September is one of my favourite months because it’s back to school time. New clothes, new school supplies and that excitement the kids get seeing their friends again.

I also returned to Grand Forks for one last time this year to attend the annual Potato Bowl Parade. It was a fun weekend that I got to spend with my cousin and her family, shop and just enjoy my time. Grand Forks is my home away from home and I just love being there. I love small town Americana.



October was such a wonderful month! We celebrated Thanksgiving and I helped serve Thanksgiving dinner at a local shelter. Eye opening. Our family welcomed a new addition – a baby cousin! We reveled in beautiful October weather and soon enough came Halloween. October went by in a flash and I was super busy with so many work assignments. It was great to be back in the thick of things with work, having the best time.



November gave us our very first heavy snowfall and it stuck. Joy. I’ve lived here my entire life and I still am not used to snow. Let me rephrase that… I don’t like it. Probably because of a medical condition that can make the snowy months pretty painful physically, or it could also be that I dislike shoveling the crap. How come I can’t find neighbourhood kids to do that job?

This month I officially became an EA (Educational Assistant). Something I have been working so hard for, finally came true. This was something I wanted more than anything…. I was so excited. I started working in schools as an EA at the end of the month.

I celebrated my best friends (since junior high) 30th with a Vegas themed night at the casino, went to another friends social and ventured out more with friends.

November also saw the dawn of a new decade – my 30th birthday. I didn’t have any trepidations, no reservations and absolutely no fear. My twenties were a huge roller coaster and I was glad to see it go. Even though I learned a lot and had many experiences, I was really looking forward to my 30s. I got to spend it with the people I love most and have a blast ringing in a new “era”.

Turning 30 was pretty awesome.


I turned the year out. Ups and downs, illnesses and deaths, fun and great times… 2012 was pretty interesting.

This month I started a term working in my elementary school as an EA to a little boy who needs some guidance. I was over-joyed by this offer and super happy to be back in the school that molded me into the person that I am and I get to work alongside the teachers that are left from when I was there as a kid. The kid I work with is amazing, funny and smart. The class I’m in is full of inquisitive little people who have fun every day and the teacher is a hoot. I also got to work at another school for a little while, a school where my Nursery teacher works and another teacher from my elementary school days is now a principal at. How fun was that! I worked with the cutest Nursery kids every and learned a lot. It’s funny what little kids can teach you when you’re older.

I spent my Christmas sick. It wasn’t fun. The second week of December I came down with a nasty cold that has been going around. It was followed by laryngitis, possibly bronchitis (have yet to get an official diagnosis, doctor’s office is closed until January 2), and allergies. I’m thankful my job allows me two weeks off at Christmas. I slept a lot, made sure I got plenty of rest.

Otherwise, our Christmas was pretty amazing. Christmas Eve we had a huge family Christmas dinner. My family from Grand Forks came in for Christmas and we decided that we’ve gone far too long without a family dinner at Christmas. It was nice because her kids were able to experience what we experienced as kids. Dinner was amazing and it was followed by amazing conversation. The kids loved their gifts (hockey stuff… they love hockey) and it was just nice to sit around and enjoy being with my family.

Christmas morning was nice and quiet. We opened presents, I made breakfast and we watched the Disney Parade like we do every Christmas. Boxing Day was the same. It was quiet, we watched movies and lazed around.

New Years Eve was the same as usual – spent at home watching the ball drop. I’m not a partier and I don’t like going out on NYE. I have more fun at home with my family than I would spent in a cramped room.

Over all 2012 was an interesting year. If I could use one word to sum it all up it would be –  growth.

For 2013 the word will be – goals. I’m all about making goals and putting them to use.


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