Hello, Disney.



I’ve made a plan to finally visit Walt Disney World, November 2013. I wanted to go this past November but, obviously, it fell through. But I am going to make this happen. The hotel is already booked and I’m scouring airlines for the best fares. I decided I’m flying out of Winnipeg instead of driving to Grand Forks. Sure I could save $400, but with it being November and it could snow… I can’t take that chance. I don’t like driving on highways when it snows.

I’ve created a budget. I know exactly how much I’m putting aside every month. I know exactly what I’ll be using to spend money. For booking in advanced I received a really good, and guaranteed, price. It was cheaper to say a week than a few days. I’ve got a free pass from 1991 that still has one day admission on it and Disney will honor the pass, I will just have to purchase a two-day pass (you really need three days to see the park).

2013 will be about making things happen and this will definitely happen. I need to see my gang again! I’ve been gone for far too long and the palm trees are calling my name.

I really need to hug a palm tree.


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