Recreating Memories


There is nothing like creating memories that will last you for a life time. Or even recreating those wonderful memories.

Earlier this month I announced that I decided I need to take a trip this year and that I chose Disney World in Florida as my special trip. The last time I was in Florida was 1991, I was 8 years old and I miss that place terribly. My parents made sure that they created special memories and it’s something that I hold dearly.

I remember it like it was yesterday (ironically, last week was the 23 anniversary of our maiden voyage) and I smile at everything that I recall… the early wake up call and 6am flight, arriving to a hot and humid Orlando, our cozy hotel room (which is no longer there); three days spent at Disney, Sea World, Universal, the beautiful palm trees and having to stay inside of our hotel due to a renegade crocodile sneaking into a near by pond. Can I pet the crocodile, dad? Huh?! CAN I?!

I still have a few of the merchandise that my parents purchased for us and funny enough, some will be returning with me when I travel there later this year. How can they not? I have to recreate the memories!

There’s some really fun things I’m looking forward to. That includes – Splash Mountain for the first time (it was still under construction in 1991), Epcot (we were duped into believing I wouldn’t have fun. Stupid travel companions.), the Atlantic Ocean, Kennedy Space Center, Tampa Bay; Gator Land, expanded Universal Studios, Downtown Disney at night (yay for being an adult!) and doing things that I couldn’t do at the age of 8.

I dug out our trip photos and I made a pact with myself to recreate those memories and do everything we did that week.

That includes stuffing my face with a crap load of candy from the candy store on Main Street USA.



2 thoughts on “Recreating Memories”

  1. Hi Michelle: Your blog reminded me of a similar trip that I had made to Florida in 1991 (January) and the subject of memories. The first Gulf War had just begun. I found this small book store in a mall in Kissimmee so, being the bookworm that I was, and am, I entered. When I entered, the owner/cashier there gave me the warmest smile one could imagine, I thought she was going to hug me! It was a nice warm welcome but then I continued to make my way inside. After a couple of moments another lady had walked in and, obviously knowing the clerk,asked how she was. Apparently the clerk’s son was serving in Kuwait/Iraq and she hadn’t heard from him for a couple of weeks. That morning, she had finally received a letter or phone call from him. That’s why she was so ecstatic! Being the same age as her son, approximately. It gave me a renewed respect for my own country and the fact that most Canadians, until recently, didn’t have to even worry about matters like that.

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