Dear GPS, it’s not me it’s you


Remember the days in school where you had to learn how to read a map? Yeah well, welcome to the age of technology. Now you can access maps on GPS and smart phones, long gone are the days when your passenger was forced to read a map, or you were forced to stop and ask for directions.

With just 12 days until I embark on a fabulous road trip/vacation, I am ditching the GPS and my sister will be the map reader. She volunteered.

My GPS is three years old and cannot be updated. Bitch nearly killed us last year!

GPS is a funny little invention. Sure it’s great! It helps you get from one place to another, without having to juggle a map. However, the GPS is a bit touchy. It screams at you “RECALCULATING! RECALCULATING! TURN LEFT! TURN LEFT!” and then sometimes, it just doesn’t work.

Yup, so we’re going back to the stone age and using a map. It’s not all that bad. Because sometimes, your GPS can do this (advance to 3:10 – warning: language)


3 thoughts on “Dear GPS, it’s not me it’s you”

  1. I love maps but I have a GPS story for you. It was late August 2007, We were in Minneapolis and were in the car, making our way back from the State Fair there. I had just bought a GPS and we were using it to navigate around the metro area. It had been working great and was saving us a lot of time in our travels in the area. Anyway, as we were making our way back to the suburb where we were staying, following the GPS directions religiously, we were noticing that the traffic was becoming lighter and lighter until eventually we were the only ones on the highway. The GPS kept dictating “keep going” (or words to that effect). We were on I-35W and were eventually greeted with a big barrier on the road. The bridge had collapsed a few weeks earlier and the GPS company had not updated their devices. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I-35W_Saint_Anthony_Falls_Bridge

    1. Whoa!
      The GPS almost landed me in a lake. It told me to keep right, so I went right… a little too far right. I had to make a sharp right turn to get back on to Hwy 100 (in Minneapolis as well) and the on ramp is on a lake. It was scary.

      I’ve come up with a conclusion… GPS’ hate Minneapolis.

  2. Have you tried to use a King’s Street Atlas instead of a map? Actually, it is a map but in much larger detail and in book form. So much easier to use and you can actually see where the streets intersect (and if they actually do intersect) I’ll dm you on twitter with a photo of it

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