The adventures of an Educational Assistant


I touched about it briefly in a post last week, but I am finally doing something I love – working with kids. Sure my university degree is for working with criminals, dead bodies and forensic science… but my heart and my passion truly lived in helping and working with kids. It’s funny how life will take you down a different path even if you’re hell-bent on driving down another.

There is something extra special about where I work. Without giving it away, I have to say that I didn’t expect it to happen; however, I’m extremely happy and blessed that it did.

I work in a grade one class, an amazing class filled with amazing kids. They make me laugh almost every single day, and while some can make me frustrated (what kid doesn’t?), I really, really, REALLY love my job. Working with these kids takes me back to when I was in the first grade… why my, my, my… take a look at that picture above. That’s me! In the first grade. Oh how adorably cute was I?!

Aside from helping the kids with their math, writing and answering any other question they may have… the most popular being, “How old ARE you?”, I get to share my love of reading and learning with them. I’ve always been an avid reader (as an adult.. not so much) and I always tell them to never stop learning. While some may find school difficult, I encourage them to continue. If you work hard, have a positive mindset and keep practicing…. you will do better. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Even kids with learning disabilities/difficulties can improve and make it in life.

So… I thought I’d share in my life as an educational assistant, here on this blog. From time to time I’ll share some learning activities I engage the kids with, some books that I read and fun things that you can do with kids to extend their education/learning at home. And here comes the disclaimer: I am not a certified, licensed, card-carrying teacher. I am simply an educational assistant who loves working with kids and expanding their cranium. I am here to share with you my love for education and fun things you can do with young ones to make learning fun for them!

Phew…. good thing I got that out of the way.

Today’s post is about books. Today I am going to share with you the books that are currently in my book bag. The books that I select from our school library, the kids love. As soon as they’re checked out, they’re snatched from my hot little hands by my students. It makes my heart filled with happiness to see them fascinated by the books I choose. Read kids, read. It takes your imagination to places you can only dream about!


CHESTER IS THE MOST AMAZING, SUPER-DUPER, STAR AUTHOR OF HIS VERY OWN BOOK! French Canadian author Mélanie Watt is the voice behind the brilliant series of “Chester” books (not to forget “Scaredy Squirrel”, and “Augustine”, just to name a few), a cat who is so full of himself and up to no good. Can we talk about that red marker of his?


“Yuck, a Love Story” is written by Don Gillmor with Marie-Louise Gay, winner of the 2000 Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature. The book is about Austin and his dog Fresco, who are quite content until a new family moves in next door, including a little girl named Amy. Austin protests that girls are yucky until he’s invited to her birthday party. He seeks out to find her the perfect gift.

What are your favourite books to read?


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