What’s in my reading bag: Summer reading Part 1


Summer is a fun time. School is out, you get to go to the beach, hang outside all day with your friends, and draw endlessly on the sidewalk with chalk. Pretty fun, huh?! Summer is also when education stops and the kids lose what they’ve retained during the school year. Sure it may not be fun to sit down and do a math problem, but it really is imperative that the kids keep up so they don’t have to re-learn everything come September.

There is one thing you can do…. read! It’s fun and it lets your imagination run wild! I was such a book nerd that every vacation I checked out “book packages” so I could read on the long trips. I was in a teen book club/camp for three years and loved every minute of it. Getting your child to read during the summer will help improve their reading/phonics skills and help them in the upcoming school year.

My students have always said they love my book bag because, “you pick out the cool books!” I decided to start up a reading group with the neighbourhood kids this summer, so I headed to the public library to pick up some fresh reads.

Lazy Daisy, Cranky Frankie: Bedtime on the Farm. by Mary Ellen Jordan & Andrew Weldon (Illustrator)
Daisy is a cow who is lazy. Frankie is a chicken who is cranky. This funny rhyming book about farm animals is sure to please your young readers.


No Bath, No Cake!: Polly’s Pirate Party. by Matthias Weinert
Uh oh… pirates crash a little girls’ birthday party and they’re excited! But before they get cake, they must take a scrub-a-dub-dub in the tub!


Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator! by Mo Willems.
Amanda loves reading books to her stuffed alligator. Amanda’s stuffed alligator loves to eat them! Quite a surprise in this Mo Willems book!

Visit your local public library to check out these books and so much more.


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