Have car, will travel

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I’ll say it over and over again  – road trips are my freedom. There’s nothing like the open road in front of you and scenery as far as the eye can behold. I just love it.

On June 30, with my sister in tow, we left home and hit the open road… destination, Minneapolis. It was quite the smooth sailing! The traffic on the main highway leading to North Dakota, from Winnipeg, was non-existent. I knew with the following day being Canada Day, it was important to hit the road early in the morning (5:30) so we could avoid traffic. Check! The US border was empty and passing through customs was a breeze; traffic from there to Fargo was also pretty awesome. We made it to Fargo at 10:30. Stopped for gas an an early lunch at Subway, after that we headed back onto the road to Minneapolis!

Traffic from Fargo to Minneapolis was okay. Of course you contend with construction each summer, but it wasn’t bad. However, once we reached Clearwater… holy delay, batman! We were stopped on I-94 for a good 15 minutes because of construction. But that was okay, we made it to Minneapolis in record time. We arrived on our cousin’s doorstep at 2:30… the earliest I’ve ever arrived in Minneapolis!

After unloading and relaxing for a bit, we headed off on adventure to a cute little Russian bakery/deli to order a cake for our cousin’s oldest boy – his birthday is on July 4. Then after that sister and I went to Mall of America to dine at Bubba Gump… a tradition!

The highlight of our trip was when the lovely folks at the Minnesota Twins moved our seats. My sister has a medical condition where she cannot sit in direct sunlight, and silly me, our seats that I purchased were in the direct sun. They moved us to fantastic seats, in the shade, at third base. We were so thankful for their generosity.

It was a fun vacation… we spent 8 days in Minneapolis, cutting short of our planned two week vacation (sister injured her foot three weeks earlier, thought it was a sprain; come home to find her toe is dislocated!). Not sure if I’ll return in August, even though I really want to… we’ll see how the rest of the summer goes!

For now, I’ll leave you with some photos I snapped.

First day (of three) at Mall of America. Holy sale, Bath & Body Works!

Sonic. A very necessary stop when in the Twin Cities.

Celebrity sighting at Mall of America – Ross Matthews!

Log Chute shenanigans, celebrating Canada Day in America!

Ahhh, to be a Polar Bear on a hot day! – Como Zoo

Another necessary stop – Fuddruckers. Can we talk about that wicked soda machine?!

A must on the list – take in a Twins game.

Traditional baseball game fare – hot dogs & Killebrew Root Beer.

July 4th fireworks display, on July 3.

Birthday cake!!!


My first 4th of July fireworks display. Downtown St. Paul.

My first Trader Joe’s experience! LOVED IT!

Ninja hiding skills!

Holy monsoon, Batman! Caught in the storm on our way home.



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