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End of year dance party

Just three weeks from today I will be going back to work. I’m looking forward to it.

I can hear you saying it now… “But summer isn’t over yet!!” Yes, that is true. While I’ve had some fun days so far, it’s been a pretty sad summer. With the death of a loved one, a bad bout of gastroenteritis and fighting with EI…. I’m ready to get back to work.

I am blessed to have a job, especially a job that I really love. I’m also blessed to be working at a place that holds a very special place in my heart. My coworkers are amazing and 100% supportive, always lending an encouraging word and helping me become better at what I do. I also miss those kids. The school is filled with very special, and very smart, kids. Each have their little quirks and are different in each way…. getting to work with them is just amazing. I can’t wait until the first day where I hear their feet running through the hallways (“WALKING! NO RUNNING!”) and them shouting, “MISS MICHELLE!” then throwing their tiny little arms around me is something I am seriously yearning for. I just might cry when that happens. I can’t wait to hear about all the fun they have had this summer, what their favourite thing was and what they’re looking forward to this upcoming school year.

I’m so excited that I’ve already purchased items for my work bag, downloaded worksheets (and created some of my own), pinned items on Pinterest and I’ve started dreaming of dreamy cozy Fall outfits. Hey! This girl loves Autumn as much as she loves Summer!

In the next few weeks I will be getting out to enjoy the remainder of this season – Folklorama, Morden Corn & Apple Festival, and a girls beach day.

I miss my kiddos.


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