Breaking Spring


Spring Break has officially commenced and I could not be any more happier. While it doesn’t exactly look like Spring outside, I am just glad that this week has finally arrived. The last three months since returning from Christmas break have been pretty crazy, and the weather certainly did not help one bit. The students have been cooped up inside since we returned, and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when the cold snap snapped and allowed us to go outside. Now they have to deal with slippery conditions on the playground… will it ever end?!

Last Spring Break wasn’t great (dad was still in the hospital) and the break before that I was working. This time I have planned a week where I can do whatever my heart desires. I plan on getting my university stuff in order, go for a pedicure, sushi lunch with former coworkers, a few doctors appointments, and maybe a day trip to Grand Forks. The weather is supposed to start warming up, which is nice, but the snow won’t be gone by the time it’s over. It has been a crazy weird winter that just doesn’t want to let its icy grip on Winnipeg go. I’ve described it as living in Narnia… winter, winter, winter.

I just hope Aslan can save us now.

Happy Spring Break!


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