Life of a University Student

Time For A Change: Back-to-School Tips

Many people make the decision to go back to school because they don’t feel secure or fulfilled in their career. For some, transitioning to a different role using the same skills is enough of a change. Some of us are looking for a bit more change, however, and end up making the decision to go back to school. Retraining or furthering your education is an important and often expensive decision, so here are a few tips for making the move:

Meet With a Counsellor

Many colleges and universities offer consultations with their career counsellors for prospective students. Meeting with someone with a different perspective might help you make up your mind about the path you’re considering. Not only will a career counsellor help you decide if a new career is right for you, but they can also help with those intimidating first steps towards enrollment.

Get Ready for a Lifestyle Change

If you’ve been working in your current field for a few years, you’re probably used to a living in a certain way. Going back to school might mean temporarily giving up things like happy hour after work and shopping trips in order to afford your tuition and avoid student debt. Student debt might be unavoidable, but the more money you save while you’re in school, the better off you’ll be once you graduate.

Talk to Family

If you’re worried about the additional workload or stress of returning to school, talk to your loved ones about it. If your partner knows that you’re worried about juggling work, school, and family commitments, they will probably offer to help out where they can to ease your stress. With their encouragement and support, you can do this!

Get Involved

While you’re in school, you’ll be surrounded by people who are going into the same field as you and experts with valuable knowledge and contacts. Introduce yourself to your instructors and try to get to know other students. Changing careers also means getting out there and engaging with a new network.

After spending time in the workforce, going back to school can really feel like an exciting opportunity. Take the time to enjoy this chance to do what you love! If you’re going back to school while still working in your current job, remember that all those extra hours will eventually reward you with the change you’re craving.


This post was provided by Robertson College. Robertson College was established in 1911 and has campuses in Winnipeg, Brandon, Edmonton, and Calgary and online. The College offers programs in the Faculties of Health, Business, and Technology. 


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