Explore Your Own Backyard, Travel Series

Travel Series: Explore your own backyard (Lockport, MB)


There are times when all you want to do is get away from it all. Then there are times when you cannot. Isn’t it nice to hop in the car (or board a plane) and go anywhere your heart contents? Pick somewhere that you really want to visit and just go? For me road trips are my way of unwinding and seeing it all. You can’t see landscape from 30,000 feet above ground and I love seeing the different types of landscape that North America has to offer. For instance, if you drive from Winnipeg to Minneapolis you will see the exact spot where the Prairies end and the Midwest begins. It is breath taking. Starting with flat lands and then slowly cascading into lush green rolling hills and valleys. Journey into Wisconsin and there are more rolling hills (and cliffs) for the eyes to see.

Instead of traveling out of state/province why don’t you explore your own backyard? Traveling within the state/province you live in gives you a great opportunity to visit the smaller towns and explore what it has to offer. And the best part – it won’t cost much! Just a tank of gas and spending money, hotel fare if you decided to stay overnight or make it a staycation.

This summer, aside from traveling to the US, I plan on visiting a few towns within Manitoba. Manitoba is diverse in culture and ethnicity – we have a bit of everything here! If you decide on visiting us, Travel Manitoba is a great website that lists many things to do and see.

I’m kicking off this travel series with a trip to a little drive-in just north of the city that is a very popular spot in summer – Half Moon. Established in 1938 and located just southwest of Selkirk in the town of Lockport (6860 Henderson Hwy), you can grab the most delicious hot dogs and homemade french fries that grace this earth. Okay, a little dramatic but they really are good! The hot dogs have the perfect snap when you bite into them and the french fries are a mix of crispy and soft. Enjoy them all with a soda or a homemade milkshake made on the spot. After lunch (or dinner) you can wash it down with ice cream (I prefer a dipped vanilla swirl soft serve). When you enter the establishment you are instantly transported back to the 50s with the traditional kitchen tables, booths and decoration. When you’re ready to order at the counter and pay you’re handed a number that will be called out when your order is ready. Grab a seat and enjoy! You can eat inside or enjoy the beautiful river views in the picnic area.

It’s not far from the city (15-20 minute drive) and it’s the perfect getaway for lunch on a beautiful summer day. Ask for a dog with the works, fries and soda. You cannot go wrong with that.



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