Summer, you were a blast!

This summer was definitely better than last year. When an unexpected death of a loved one happens over the summer, you kind of want it to end and work to begin. This year, it was so much better. I focused on finishing two courses and enjoyed the time off from work. Now that summer break is over it is time to look forward to new beginnings. Autumn is seriously my favourite season and I cannot wait for cooler nights, the leaves changing colours and digging out my fall wardrobe.

Here is a sample of what I did this summer!


There were a lot of nights I spent sitting in front of the grill.


Plenty of times spent watching the Housewives series. Oh that LuAnn.


I studied my butt off to pass the math course (and I did! Walking away with a final grade of B!)


I spent time at the passport office.


Traveled for hot dogs and fries.


There was a coffee date with my best gal pal.


I drank tea in bed and read magazines.


I picked a plethora of tomatoes from my garden.


What did you do this summer? Did you travel? Did you stay home?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    This summer was so lovely! I’m definitely ready for fall though. Scarves and boots and pumpkin everything? Yes please!

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