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Dining & Shopping in Grand Forks, ND


I love Grand Forks! Now that family have moved away I try to visit as often as I can whether it is a day trip or for a weekend stay. Grand Forks is a cozy little city located on the banks of the Red River in North Dakota. It feels like home but on a much smaller scale. There’s great shopping and dining options, both that I love to check out when I’m in town.

During the weekend of September 5-7 the Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau hosted a lovely weekend for me to check out a few things around town – The Potato Bowl Weekend (Homecoming Weekend) and Shopping & Dining options. I was able to visit two new stores that recently opened and ate at two establishments that I’ve been wanting to try out since first visiting Grand Forks in 2007. Head on over to their blog to check out my shopping & dining review!


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