In my 31st year.


32. Thirty-two. Trente-deux. I’m not afraid to say my age, I wear it like a badge of honor. I like being in my thirties and I love being 32. Happy Birthday to me.

In my 31st year, I have accomplished a lot. I was working in an awesome school, in the best classroom and having a blast. I went back to school so I could eventually enter the Education program (something that I will be preparing for over the next few weeks) and the support system that is behind me is simply incredible.

I continued my love of traveling with a trip to Minneapolis in May and Grand Forks in September and October. I also began a collaboration with the Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau, becoming a guest blogger. It has been so much fun being able to combine my two favorites – blogging & travel.

This past year I have tried to be more kind to myself – committing myself less to things, learning to say no (no matter how upset people get) and taking time for myself. Money over the last two months have been extremely tight, so it was looking for fun things to do for very less. Simply painting my nails, enjoying a cup of tea or watching a movie have been my modus operandi as of late. Saying no has been the most difficult of them all. I enjoy helping people and when it becomes difficult, I cannot say no, no matter how stressful it gets. I’ve ignored my self worth to help others and that is something I will have to work at.

My wish for my 32nd year is to continue the path of self-kindness, a permanent full-time job; continued opportunity to travel and blog (perhaps for other organizations), and enter the Education program Fall 2015. I also wish for good health (for myself and my family), spending more time with friends and continuing on my path of weight loss (blog post to come).

32… let’s make this one heck of a year.


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