Summer Manifesto 2015

summer manifesto 2015-2


On her blog, Ali Edwards recently discussed her manifesto for summer and it was simple – “I want to get in the pool with my kids.” How fabulous is that? It’s nothing big, but yet, a simple goal.

This had me thinking… what is my summer manifesto? What do I want to do? Is there anything specific I would like to accomplish? Well, last summer was incredibly busy. I was feverishly trying to complete a few courses so I could graduate on time this year. From May to early August my nose was in a textbook, writing papers, studying, and memorizing mathematical equations. August flew on by and before you knew it, September was knocking.

So this time, my manifesto is this – enjoy, relax, breathe. This past year has been quite the whirlwind. I recovered from my shoulder injury for three months and once I returned to work, it was go go go! I also completed university and graduated last month. The eight months of being in school was hard as I was trying my best to make sure that I passed each course with a good mark and that I would graduate on time. It paid off and I am so happy. Come September I will begin my practicum where I will be well on my way to obtain a teaching certificate. The next two years will be busy, busy, busy and I need to enjoy this summer break as I will have to work the summer after.

I want to take a trip, explore my province, relax in my  backyard and have many barbecues; go swimming, go to the beach and make friends with a polar bear!

What is your summer manifesto?


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