Grand Forks Getaway: Girls Weekend Out

IMG_9750 (2)

My life as of late has been extremely busy. From courses, homework, and practicum placement, I’m lucky if I can grab a moment to breathe. Fortunately, when I reached out to my friends at the Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau they were more than happy to host a weekend getaway. The best part of this weekend? Not only did my best friend come with me, there was also a downtown music festival.

We had the most splendid time and boy were we busy! From shopping, to eating, to festival hopping… it truly was a grand time! We ate at Rhombus Guys (BEST PIZZA EVER!!), shopped at Target (oh how I’ve missed you!) and Scheels; roamed around downtown (chocolate was purchased from my favourite shop), and took in some great sights. Grand Forks is a grand place to visit and I highly recommend you spend a weekend away there.

For more details on what we did, please head on over to the Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau blog.


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