Finding happiness


The last two months have been a crazy whirlwind. University courses have wound down until January and next week I begin a four week practicum block. My lessons and unit plans are complete, the worksheets for the first two lessons are at the print shop, and my students are excited. I’m ready to rock it.

However, there are nerves.

I will be observed three times over the four weeks by my faculty advisor; the first one on the second day. What if my students do not like the lessons? What if I screw up and everything goes terrible?  It’s all in my head and I know it will all be fine.

Yesterday, I received that message – that it will all be fine. Now that university classes are done, I paid a visit to my students from last year. I’ve been missing them something terrible and wanted to see how they were doing. Immediately, upon entering their classroom, I was bombarded with cheers and a mass amount of hugs. They were so happy to see me and the feeling was very mutual. I had one student ask if the students I work with are treating me well, to which I replied, “They’re just like you. They have their good days and their bad… and they can test me once and a while. Overall, they’re awesome.” She responded with a comment that made me laugh and smile, “Well, if they cause you any trouble, just let me know, and I’ll march over there to tell them what’s what. No one messes with Miss A!”

To know that I have a group of students behind me is the most amazing feeling in the world. These young minds are genuinely hopeful that I will do well and genuinely supportive. Isn’t it amazing how amazing our youth can be?

They make me feel good and give me the encouragement that I need. They’re the ones that I will eventually teach… their opinions matter!

What is one amazing thing that has happened to you today?


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