A phone call to heaven


Today is one of those days where I wish there was a phone that could call heaven. Today I am really missing my grandmother. St. Patrick’s Day was one of her favourite holidays and she would always call to wish me a day of good luck (her father was Irish).

The strangest thing happened to me this morning as I was preparing supper. As I was preparing cabbage and corned beef stew, peeling the potatoes, I suddenly was overcome with the scent of my grandmother and the house she used to live in. A flash of memories popped into my head – when I was little, but big enough to work a potato peeler, it was my job to peel the potatoes while my grandma cut them. I sat at one end of the table and she sat next to me dicing the potatoes in what seemed like perfect cubes. After, while the stew would cook, we would sit at the table playing board games.

It was a lovely reminder of all the good times that we shared, but it also made me miss her a lot. Usually there are specific times when you miss a grandmother – major holiday(s) or a birthday. For me, it is St. Patrick’s Day.

Isn’t it incredible how the sense of smell can trigger memories and instantly take you back to that place in time. If I close my eyes I can see that dining room – how big it was, where the table was, what the hanging light looked like, the pattern on the wallpaper, and the colour of the carpet. I can hear my grandmother’s voice and her laugh when something funny happened during the game, the sound of the UNO cards being slapped on each other, or the sounds of the marbles moving along the Aggravation game board. I had the most amazing memories with my grandmother and I miss her every single day.

I made this stew for her. I hope she likes it, wherever she is.


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