About a Belle

I’ve been a proud Canadian/Prairie girl since birth; I’m proud of my heritage (French, English, Irish, Scottish, Metis, Ojibway) and I love to eat anything that has flavour. After ten years of studying Criminology life decided to take me on another route – working with kids. My students remind me what it is like to be young again and to stop and smell the roses. It truly is the greatest gift that one could be given. I’ve decided to become a high school history teacher and while it is completely different from Criminology, I can still have the ability to change a life and sometimes that is all a child needs – just one person to make that difference.

I love to cook and bake, and in my spare time I try to become the next Rachael Ray (I want her job!). I am the happiest in the summer when the sun shines bright and the warm weather has replaced the freezing cold winter temperatures. Summer is also the start of many road trips to the U.S. which I frequently take; traveling is my getaway from this crazy thing called life. If it’s for a week or just the weekend, I love loading up the car and taking off. Target is calling my name and it’s my duty to answer that phone call!

I blog to express my feelings and share ideas; my brain is constantly on overdrive that it is sometimes hard to keep the thoughts tucked away in there. I’m overly opinionated and no matter how far fetched my it might be, it is my opinion. I’ve never been able to shut up, which can sometimes be a good thing.

2 thoughts on “About a Belle

  1. I just discovered your blog from GMBMFB. I recognize the picture at the top of your blog…..I too am a prairie girl. I have just started my blog and look forward to connecting with people with the same mindframe as me.

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