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A Grand Getaway: Celebrating Success in Grand Forks

Last month, just like the graduates of UND, I surpassed a huge milestone – successfully completing my time spent in university and graduating with a degree in Education. The two years of blood, sweat, and tears flew by so incredibly fast and I knew that I wanted to celebrate in grand style. Thanks to my friends at the Greater Grand Forks Convention and Visitors Bureau, I was able to celebrate that success with my classmate. We would like to extend our congratulations to the graduates of UND – may you revel in your accomplishments, and be proud of your successes. University can be a long and hard road, but in the end… it is completely worth it! You did it!

Grand Forks is the perfect place to celebrate grandly, but on a small intimate scale. With shopping, dining, and beautiful spaces such as downtown; I knew that I wanted to spend my time in one of my favourite cities. Grand Forks has all of my favourite shops and restaurants, and I was excited to have the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments.

First we started with dinner reservations at Sky’s (322 Demers Avenue) in downtown Grand Forks, just steps away from the Greenway. I have always experienced a lovely meal at Sky’s, and I know it will not disappoint. Drinks and dinner were on tap for the first part of our celebration, and to cap off a lovely Friday evening looking at the setting sun. Seriously, Sky’s has the best vantage point to watch the gorgeous setting North Dakota Sun. Be sure to make reservations as Sky’s can become quite busy on a Friday evening. We were lucky to have secured a Friday evening, as it was UND graduation weekend; every establishment in Grand Forks was busy with reservations!

Earlier that evening, we decided to visit one of my favourite shops downtown – Kittsona Lifestyle. Kittsona is always my first shopping stop when I’m in town, and the girls love their regular Queens! Thanks to a tip from a teacher friend from Fargo, we were on a mission – to find the awesome, and popular, “Teachers Gonna Teach” tee. We were lucky that they had our sizes in store as staff mentioned to us that they’re having a difficult time keeping them on their shelves.

Saturday was our busiest day in Grand Forks – filled with shopping, lunch from Rhombus Pizza (followed by dinner at Rhombus Brewery), dessert from the newest bakery – Paola’s Pastries; ending the evening by taking in the Fire Hall Theater production of Little Shop of Horrors. If you’re looking for dessert to tide you over until dinner, be sure to visit the latest bakery to open in downtown – Paola Pastries (110 N. 3rd Street). Providing customers with signature cakes, cupcakes, and mind-blowing pastries, Paola’s Pastries is definitely your destination to satisfy your sweet tooth. Recommended – Oreo Cupcake or Chocolate Croissant.

Rhombus Guys Pizza (312 Kittson) and the subsequent Rhombus Brewery located around the corner (116 S 3rd Street), are my go to places for incredible pizza and delicious nosh for a relaxing weekend evening. Be sure to stop in at either location, but be sure to stop in at Rhombus Guys Pizza – you will not be disappointed.

Rhombus Guys Brewing Company located downtown, is known for their made onsite crafted brew. The best part is that if you’re unsure about which brew to try, ask for the samplers and the staff will be happy to provide you will small pints of their latest batches. Recommended craft brew – Into the Darkness, especially if it’s on nitro tap. To pair your beer, we cannot stop raving about the Bacon Shells & Beer Cheese or the House Burger. Finish your meal with the tasty two S’mores dessert. Delicious!

I don’t think I could have imagined a better way to celebrate our accomplishment of becoming teachers. We needed that weekend getaway to de-stress, unwind, and have fun. Thanks to the GGFCVB, we could do just that! Celebrate the accomplishments… no matter how small, or how grand!


Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams

This photo was taken exactly 23 years ago today. I was enjoying my fried chicken dinner with my grandparents when my dad showed up at their door around 7 to cart me off to the hospital to see my brand new baby sister. I’m still bitter about being pulled away from my chicken dinner.


When my mom told me she was pregnant (actually I was the one to tell her – my mom was nauseated while eating dinner and I said, “Mom, maybe you’re pregnant!) I was really excited. I already had an older brother, but I really wanted a younger sister…. someone I could play with. A companion.

There was a huge age difference. I was just shy of my 7th birthday when she was born (five days to be exact) and as we grew older, it was a challenge. When she was 7 I was 14 and in junior high. I no longer wanted to play Barbies or any kid stuff she wanted to do. We fought like cats and dogs and at times, I could have killed her. She was always stealing my things, including my makeup. Bloody hell.

But now that she’s in her twenties and the age gap doesn’t seem so gigantic, she is now my best friend. Yes, we still fight on occasion, but we can now do things together that we enjoy. We really loved our sister getaway to Minneapolis this summer and we’re always going somewhere to do something.

And since it’s just the two of us siblings now, I don’t think I could spend it differently.

Happy Birthday, Sister. I love you. Smelly.

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