Let It Go


“Let it Go” is not only a wonderful song performed by the talented Adele Dazeem, it is also something we need to tell ourselves once in a while – it is okay to let something(s) go no matter how much your heart is set on it.

If you have been a regular visitor of my blog, you know that I’ve been out of school for almost 2.5 years and I’ve been struggling with a certain Sociology course. Recently I sent a letter to the faculty to hopefully come up with a resolution with everything that has been going on. I had that meeting on Tuesday and everything has been worked out. In the letter I lined out how difficult this one course has been and that I came within two marks of passing, but yet, they failed me. I took this course over and over again and still passing that course was extremely difficult (and my records reflected that).

The result of the meeting went like this:

I am no longer a Criminology major, I have switched to History. This gets around the difficult course and the possibility of failing it again (and being suspended again). I have thought long and hard about the Criminology degree over the last two years and it wasn’t an easy decision, but it was sensible. I was going to work in Forensics but it is extremely difficult to become a Crime Scene Analyst here in Manitoba, Canada, rather. In order to work as a CSA, you must become a police officer and/or RCMP officer. That is not what I want to do. If I want to become a CSA I would have to move to the US, and while I am more than willing to move there to become a teacher, it’s not something I would do for a CSA position. A lot of those available jobs are further south, and moving that far is something that I am not ready to do right now.

There was also discussion of going into Education once I have my Bachelors, this was another factor in switching to a history major. Once I am accepted into the Faculty of Education, I am going to concentrate on teaching high school subjects – something I swore I would never do. Never say never people!

The university also apologized for how I was treated at the time and that I was not given the proper information that could have solved this years ago. There have been major academic and administration changes since then and that students in my situation are able to find solutions.

So now I am going back to school in just a month. I am registered for a history course and I am super excited about it! Now the stress from that sociology course is gone and I can focus on finishing my degree. I do have to take a math course, but we’ve picked one that I am able to understand and one where my brain won’t explode after the first class. I need to take two 6 credit hour history courses and one 3 credit hour math; I’m registered for one 3 credit hour history course, leaving a 6 credit hour course and a 3 credit hour course (that I will take in the fall).

I am just so excited about the whole thing. While I won’t be able to graduate until next year, it is alright with me. I am just glad that I took that leap to write the letter and that the university was willing to work with me in regards to this entire situation.

T-minus 32 days & counting.