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See It All: Folklorama Week 2


Before week two started, Mom and I decided that we would visit the Italian pavilion at the Caboto Centre on Wilkes. Okay, so we were going for the food; however, I heard that the performances were spectacular. We arrived at the pavilion early but as our part of the line arrived at the front doors… it was announced that the show was sold out. Bummer. Nonetheless we decided on another pavilion – Pavilion of Scotland. Mom really wanted to check this one out as our ancestors hail from this country. Plus, I really wanted to try haggis.

We arrived at the pavilion just as the show started, grabbed our meal (I had Scotch Pie, mashed potatoes, and trifle for dessert), and enjoyed the performances. Afterward we checked out the items available for purchase and the cultural displays.

This was the only pavilion we attended during the second week (it was a crazy week for us). Next year we plan on purchasing the larger book of tickets to attend more shows. If you’re in Winnipeg visiting or if you live here, Folklorama is something that you must see in your lifetime.

Folklorama 2016 will take place July 31 – August 14.





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